Lois Hazel is proud of its Australian roots and is committed to showcasing Indigenous talent through design collaborations, working with Indigenous models, make-up artists, stylists and photographers.
The brand’s commitment to showcasing Indigenous talent can be seen in the AW20 collaboration with Lee-Anne Williams, an Indigenous artist from the Kimberley region. Lee-Anne is a proud Bunuba and Wankatjunka woman who began her artistic career by painting on boab nuts. She then moved onto screen and lino printing onto textile. 
Three years ago, after LH founder Lois and Lee-Anne met, they quickly discovered a common interest: creating pieces that reflected their community and country. The pair began working together on a personal project and a uniquely Australian design was born.

Ultimately, the exclusive print that Lee-Anne created for the Lois Hazel AW20 collection reflects this passion for the Australian landscape. The print, aptly named “Red Earth”, represents “the dry riverbeds, like cracks in the dry mud after a big flood from my country”. 

Lois is committed to working with other indigenous artists in the future. “It’s important to recognise the huge wealth of knowledge and creativity that exists within the Indigenous Australian community, that goes far beyond traditional Aboriginal paintings and art. We have so much to learn, and I am excited to continue this knowledge exchange and sharing the talent of these Indigenous women with my customers”.

Lois herself is also passionate about her work with Design Within Country, a fashion design project from Marnin Studio. The project connects artists from Fitzroy Crossing with city-based creatives through an exchange model. We aim to walk, talk and learn together, creating not only stunning fashion collections but also sustainable change and positive futures for these Aboriginal communities.

Marnin Studio is a therapeutic healing space where women come to create, learn and relax. The space is an incubator for developing product that reflect the artist’s deep knowledge of the local environment, culture and community. You can learn more about this amazing space HERE

Lois Hazel strengthens its ties to the community by creating shared experiences and giving back to those who continue to support us. Lois Hazel aims to create a safe space for its diverse followers to feel accepted and included and loves to showcase the work of other talented individuals within the community through the LH Journal.

Lois Hazel is also committed to supporting the Australian manufacturing industry, partnering with suppliers and manufacturers in Melbourne to produce each collection. 

You can learn more about the factories we work with HERE