Upcycled with Beth

Lois Hazel is thrilled to announce the launch of her limited edition range of upcycled and reinvented pieces, formed in collaboration with Bethany Alice. The collaboration is an example of Lois Hazel’s continued efforts to extend the product life cycle, while also tackling industry issues around excess stock and sales culture. 

 Lois met Bethany at a Clothes Swap event in 2019 and immediately resonated with her ethos on upcycling and bespoke approach to design. 

 “ Bethany gave me the opportunity to reassess existing pieces within the Lois Hazel range that were no longer selling due to size availability or seasonality. I was determined not to continuously discount these pieces, but instead wanted to explore ways I could add value back into these garments.

 The capsule consists of two new styles - a reworked Wrap Dress and Wrap Top, formally part of the RISE collection. Together, Lois and Bethany re-designed the pieces to include a new sleeve shape and reversible neckline, using only fabric panels cut from the existing garments. 

 This collaboration offers a sneak-peek into what both Lois Hazel and Bethany Alice see as the future of fashion. It encapsulates the creative approach designers can take to tackle waste issues, extend product lifecycle and encourage conscious consumption within their customer base. 

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