Mosey Me Collab

I have teamed up with Eliza from Mosey Me to give two special pieces from RISE a bit of a make over as well as introduce the Mosey Top. 

'When you approached me with the idea of hand painting directly onto clothing I knew it had to be free and fluid just due to the nature of the situation. There is no room for error so the safest way was to be really free and organic, a sort of "no such thing as a mistake" mentality was taken. With the shapes and patterns used they are really just what comes out of me when I draw, I've always drawn pattern like that - abstract big strokes, curved shapes, dots It's just what I do' 

I hope you all love this collaboration and these items bring a bit of Mosey into your life! 

Bust Waist  Hips
6 80cm 60cm 85cm
8 85cm 65cm 90cm
10 90cm 70cm 95cm
12 95cm 75cm 100cm
14 100cm 80cm 105cm