Why honesty in fashion is important to us

Lois Hazel
The Honest Women.
free of deceit; truthful and sincere.

Why is honesty important.....a few (honest) words from Lois.

That definition is what I believe to be extremely important in not only running a business, but also in your day to day life.
I find the times when I am most honest with myself and with those around me that I am able to either over come a hard time, build a stronger relationship and really be true to who I am or whom I want to be.
Being Honest isn’t always easy; sometimes it means you have to deal with things you were trying to avoid, or owning up to something that would be much easier not to, but in the long run it is always worth it.
Through working in this industry I have been able to meet some incredible people, and learn so much, good and bad, about what sometimes goes on behind the runways, photoshoots and glamour.
In choosing to run an honest brand, I need to learn these things, and be ok with knowing the truth. I need to know more so that I can offer you a sincere product that comes from a place that is free of deceit, even if it means taking the longer road to the get there.
The more I learn, the more I want to share with you so that you can live a more honest life too.
Which is why we want to introduce:
‘The Honest Women Series'
A series of interviews, articles and blog posts from a range of Honest Women whom we have been lucky enough to cross paths with. They will share their wisdom, what they know, why they feel honesty is so important, and in doing so hopefully in knowing more you can make sure you are living an honest life too.
Forever Honest,
Lois xx
Add some honest womenswear to your wardrobe today: 


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