We Wear Australian

We Wear Australian
I am so proud and excited to be a part of the relaunch of the We Wear Australian Campaign hosted by Showroom X.  The Campaign was born from a need to create a sense of commitment in the Australia fashion community, to unite it all while uplifting local Australians in need through 2020.
The campaign aims to support the industry in its entirety – from designers to manufacturers - both who feel the continuing and increasing impact of Covid-19 with the extended retail closures & lockdowns across most of our country.
This campaign has given me a moment to stop and reflect on what it means to be not only a part of the Australian Fashion Community but also why I chose to make locally here in Melbourne and what it means when one purchases from an Australian brand.
When I launched Lois Hazel back in 2015, I was very focused on creating an honest and real relationship with my makers. I knew I wanted to know them personally, I wanted to be able to put a face to a name and to thank them when I picked up my production. I know the amount of work that goes into making a garment, the many stages involved in its creation. The thought that someone might be doing this work for my brand without earning a proper wage or feeling unsafe; that was not even an option for me. Through choosing to make locally here in Melbourne I can achieve this; I am able to visit my factories and makers when I need, create real relationships with these makers and be even more involved in the garment’s production.
I’m so proud that when my garments finally get into my customer’s hands, I can say that all the hands that have touched that garment have been paid fairly, looked after, and treated well. Making Locally has not only achieved this but also allowed me to meet some incredibly talented sewers and create some wonderful friendships. Every time I go to the factory or meet with my makers I am so inspired by their wealth of knowledge, their skills, and their passion towards producing my garments. Some of these sewers have been working in this industry for over 20 years and have been a part of some incredible projects. (Even to making the uniforms for the Australia Olympic team!)
Knowing that through Lois Hazel I can support, and help be a part of bringing the Australian Fashion Manufacturing industry back to life is so wonderful. Also knowing that I’m supporting more than just local jobs and knowing that I am supporting a changing industry for the better is exciting. So, when you buy from a brand like Lois Hazel you aren’t just supporting us, but you are supporting so many other businesses. 
In my new our new Amalfi Dress, for example, there are around Eight different businesses that have been supported. The Fabric is from Potters Textiles, the Buttons from Adelaide Manufacturing, Grading by The Marker Maker, Thread from Mrecht, Fusing from Freudenberg, Brand labels from Britannia, Care label from Water Basics and Manufacturing by CGT Manufacturing. Six of these companies are owned and based in Australia. The other two, just like our Australian suppliers, share our values of committing to a better, brighter, and fairer Fashion industry.
So, when you purchase from an Australian brand you aren’t just supporting them but also supporting an incredible chain of other businesses that they work with. And when you purchase from an Australian brand that is committed to ethical and sustainable practices you are also helping them invest in a better fashion industry. It is actually said that when you spend $100 at a local business on average, 58% of that money stays in the community.
As part of the We Wear Australian campaign, and a way to say thank you for all your on-going support over the last year I am offering 15% off our Comfort Range until the end of the Campaign, the 16th of October.
Enter code: wewearaustralian at checkout to receive your discount.
To learn more about this campaign and see what other brands are a part of it visit their website HERE
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