True Cost of the Fold Shorts

True Cost of the Fold Shorts
Earlier this year I broke down the cost of my Rib Tee and was blown away with the amazing response. I loved knowing that I was able to help some of you understand what actually goes into costing one of my garments. 
Pricing a garment can be extremely difficult; You have to make sure you are able to cover all your costs of making that garment and have to ensure you can cover the costs to run your business when selling that garment. Not to mention retailing it at a price that people can not only justify but also afford.
I pride myself on using using environmentally friendly fabrics, and paying my makers a living wage, but if i'm unable to sell that garment because i've priced it to high then that defeats the whole purpose. I will most likely go out of business, so then all the positive changes i'm trying to affect will less likely come to fruition. 
There are so many different factors that go into pricing a garment, but instead of writing an essay i created another info card to help break down the costs involved of making the Fold Short, one of my best sellers from this season: 
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