The true cost of our rib tee

The true cost of our rib tee
An Honest Tee
I wanted to share with you the actual cost of my Rib Tee and break down every element that goes into costing up a garment, to help you understand the true cost.
Costing for me is one of the hardest parts when it comes to creating a garment. I want to make sure that those who make my clothes are paid fairly, I want to ensure I’m using materials that have not only a positive impact on the environment but also on those who create the material too. I also want to make sure that the final price isn’t absurd and that people can actually afford to purchase a Lois Hazel piece, and that my stores can actually sell them.
 That list could go on, but instead of writing an essay I created our Rib tee info card to help easily break down the costs involved: 
As you can see, that final price of $115.00 which to some seems quite expensive, actually covers a lot. 
From the agent who sells me my fabric, to the people who grew it, spun it and knitted it. Those who made it, digitised it as well as the people who chose to create labels out of 100% recycled polyester. Yes, I could have chosen to use conventional cotton, or not invest in 100% recycled brand label or GOTS certified info label or even got it made somewhere that would reduce the make price, but profit isn't the only priority at LH.  


So when you purchase one of my Tee's or any garment from LH, you aren't just supporting me, you are supporting an entire network of people who are implementing incredible change in this industry.
You can check them out HERE if you want to find out more
When you are purchasing a garment from any authentic ethical brands you are helping many more people than you think. You yourself are actually becoming apart of the change this industry needs, and you are putting your money somewhere powerful, all while looking pretty good wearing some pretty incredible threads. 
P.S Please get in touch if you have any questions, or just want to say hi. I'm always up for an honest conversation. 
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  • So interesting to see this breakdown Lois! So great that you are able to make beautiful garments whilst been ethical. All the best x

    Jess Blak on

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