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The Honest Women Series... New Year's Wardrobe Resolutions with stylist Hannah Gray

January 17, 2018

The Honest Women Series... New Year's Wardrobe Resolutions with stylist Hannah Gray

Hannah Gray



Women like Hannah Gray are a saving grace to us mere mortals that have a little trouble putting together a stylish outfit everyday.

Hannah has vast experience in the fashion industry and has perfected the art of dressing other’s through her solopreneur venture - www.hannahgray.com.au

Helping women build curated wardrobes of items that make them feel confident, save time, stress and money and best of all, education on how to build said wardrobe in a sustainable manner to ensure the clothes hanging are truly loved and cherished. Oh, and she's a mum - so she knows the pain.

She also happens to be a big supporter of Lois Hazel and has very kindly put together a list of New Years Wardrobe Resolutions, just for you.

Her number one tip?
Be honest with yourself.

Be honest, and be kind to yourself

One of the biggest downsides to the whole fashion industry is it’s unrealistic “aspirational” directive. Especially with the prevalence of Instagram, we are constantly force fed images of people who are “better than us” but who we could be as “good as” if we just bought this, or that. And while, yes, there are incredible labels out there making beautiful clothes, we don’t need to buy all of them, as some of them, no matter how beautiful they are, are just not right for our lifestyle/budget/wardrobe. Keep this in mind while scrolling the ‘gram, and be kind to yourself. Remember, nobody has it all, even if their carefully curated feed suggests they do. Buy what is truly right for you, what aligns with your ethos and don’t let FOMO make you feel like you need to buy anything else.

Mend and Make Do

With all that the internet has to offer, there really is no reason we can’t all learn how to mend our clothes. Youtube and Pinterest are teeming with content on how to do visible and invisible mending. I actually think visible mending looks great if done well (and still kinda cool when not done so well). There's no reason that we can’t find half an hour to sit down and darn a hole or sew on a button. Oh, and once you figure out how to blind hem, it’s actually really therapeutic!

Merchandise your wardrobe

So you know when you walk into a beautifully merchandised store and want to scream “shut up and take my money!”? Well, why not recreate that for yourself at home? Treat your wardrobe the way shops treat their product, and display your items in a way that makes you appreciate them. Have spaces between the hangers (if you have too many clothes for this to happen then you need to think about a wardrobe audit with me!), colour code them, or put outfits together on the rails so you feel inspired when you open it up. Even better, use a rack outside your wardrobe to display your wardrobe for the week.

Treat your clothes like the valuable resource that they are

Clothes are made from extremely labour intensive and finite resources, like cotton, silk, linen and viscose, yet people still dispose of them as if they were an empty chip packet. Even the ones we do keep get scrunched up in the bottom of the laundry basket for weeks or shoved in a drawer. We need to treat our clothes the way we treat our valuable possessions, with care and respect. This way they will last longer and we will need to use less of the limited resources that it takes to make them.

Moodboards and strategic planning

As an antidote to impulse buying, its a good idea to really map out what you want to wear each season. Twice a year, in say March (for Autumn/Winter) and September (for Spring/Summer). Take stock of what you have, what you’re missing (probably less than you think) and use Pinterest to create a board for the vibe you want that season. This will eliminate the risk of buying something on a whim that really doesn’t work with what you have or the look you are vibing at the time.

Buy less buy better

If you’ve made the resolutions of being honest and being kind to yourself then this tip is a freebie. By making the decision to be mindful about what you buy and wear, you will ultimately buy less and what you do buy will be better as you will invest in pieces that you know have been made with love are care. Two birds, one stone right there!

Find out who makes your clothes

The best way to do this… Ask! Email companies and tell them you care about who makes your clothes and why. The more of us that do this, the more pressure it puts on brands to make the answer to that question a respectable one. Even if they don’t reply (which, is, err… a bad sign?!) it is a way to get your voice heard and the power of the collective voice will hopefully eventually get through. You can also ask in store when shopping, but remember to be gentle and warm when doing this as the person working in store should not be shamed for what those above them do (and are most likely making at least 10x the amount that they are).

Now, these are the kind of New Year's resolutions you can actually stick to!

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