Take a breath this Saturday

Karina Zimmer's poem for Self Practice

Rosie from the LH studio stumbled across this poem by Karina Zimmer on the Self Practice blog this week...

Coming into February–the start of a new month of an already rapidly-escaping new year–we've been reflecting on the confusion and pressures that stem from new years and new opportunities. New years resolutions can grant feelings of a clean slate or a new stepping stone onto fresh things. But, oftentimes, it may also come with fears that not enough was achieved, or maybe that there is too much ahead - all of which can feel overwhelming as time ticks on by. Small businesses owners often feel the pinch at this time of year, new inspirations and new collections come with a cost, but never with a guarantee of success.

But, that's ok.

It's ok to feel weary.

It's perfectly fine to set resolutions that appear small or personal, or, not to set any at all. Strength and progress comes in so many forms, some as simple as remembering to breathe a deep breath each day. As February ticks on by, be honest with yourself; are you taking time for yourself? Are you employing practices that make you feel calm, or strong, or successful? As I juggle a few passion projects and part-time work before uni starts, I'm trying to use this time to get a head with my health; the first thing that slips when life gets chaotic. Establishing small routines and moving my body a few times a week feels really good, and achieving those things throughout the day centres me when other things can feel tiresome.

As Karina highlights in this poem, life is not linear, and acceptance of that is paramount. Life is hard. Growth is hard. It involves reflection, self-awareness, and accountability. And some days it involves failure, or, just an unproductive day or three because things just feel too much. Feel that. Let yourself experience those feelings and hear your own worries, then breathe, accept it, and keep going. 

Try to do something for yourself this weekend. Indulge in that big cry you've been fighting. Reward yourself with a new purchase you've been saving for. Spoil yourself with some time in the sun, time with friends, start a new book, buy a new journal, whatever it is that feels right to you. And then, keep going. One day at a time, one breath at a time. 

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