Friendship goals with Sascha + Chloe

Friendship goals with Sascha + Chloe

We had a great time shooting Sascha and Chloe in Sydney for our summer range, not only because they're gorgeous but because their friendship is so infectious. 

We decided to catch up with them both again and ask them what makes their friendship work, why it's so important for women to support women and some of their favourite friendship memories. 


How did you guys meet?

 Sascha (S): Chloe and I met in high school and always knew of each other but only became best friends the year after school!

Chloe (C) : Sascha and I went to school together but only really became friends after we graduated. A mutual friend brought her over to my house before a night out and we couldn’t stop talking to each other. I remember feeling instantly comfortable with Sascha, I could talk about anything and everything and she’d be there to listen and empathise.


What was the solidifying moment of your friendship?

S: Definitively on our trip to Europe after we finished high school. It was my first trip to Europe (and my first ever time travelling with just friends!) and we travelled to over 6 countries spending every day together. I remember being in Barcelona and Chloe woke up extra early to go buy fresh bread and eggs in the morning. When I woke up Chloe had made me the most gourmet breakfast (soft boiled eggs are my favourite!) and I just knew she was the one for me <3

 C : Our Europe trip just after we finished high school. When you’re spending every day together, adjusting to each other’s moods and encountering so many absurd and beautiful experiences  - it’s only natural to take all that new and exciting energy and transfer it onto our friendship. We had some pretty hilarious moments with some bizarre characters, and some incredibly beautiful moments too. Sash and I came back with so much understanding and intuition towards each other, which definitely marked a solid shift in our friendship. 

I think one of the solidifying moments of our friendship on the trip was captured in a photo of us after a wild and ridiculous night out. I’m lying with my head on Sascha’s shoulder in a Spanish hostel bed, both of us looking so content. We still talk about that night and all the crazy characters we met, and often we send that photo to each other at random as a reminder. We’ve even had a friend create a painting from the picture for each of us to hang on our walls - it’s a really beautiful reminder of our friendship. 

What's the most exciting thing you've done together / favourite memory?

S: There are so many to choose from, but I always find the earlier memories the most endearing. I would have to say when we were in Italy

What makes your friendship work (how do you complement each other)?

Chloe is a social butterfly and the perfect mix of creative and logical. I feel that she can bring me back to earth but also ignite my creativity. We are just on the same wavelength – it works! J


Why do you think female friendship is so important?

S: A healthy and connected female friendship is so important because you understand each other on a level that others don’t!

C: It’s incredibly important to know you have a friendship with unconditional love, support and connection that you know is always going to be there for you from your fellow females.


How do you support each other/ show up for each other?

S: We have a very supportive friendship. Although we are both super busy, when we do catch up, we make sure to be very present and get lost in the moment. We always keep up to date with each other and know that we can always count on one another. I love Chloe so much and we both get equally excited about each other’s endeavours! That’s what true friendship is – when you celebrate each other and can rely on one another. 

C: We’ve developed such a strong foundation for support, when either of us needs the other - we show up with patient ears and zero judgement. We’re also really supportive of each other’s creative and entrepreneurial pursuits. Sash has just started running an incredible Pilates class by the sea (@sculptbythesea) and I’ve been helping launch a magazine for emerging creatives (@softstir). We’re both really supportive of these new endeavours, whether it means showing up to openings with flowers or pre-ordering a copy of the mag - we both put in the effort to show up and show our support for each other. 


What did you love about this shoot?

S: I loved everything about the shoot. The styling was super fun and the clothes were divine! A matched made in heaven. 

C: Getting to spend the day with Sash! We have such an ease with each other on set. We move together really well if we’re both in the frame, and get overly excited for each other if we’re watching the other do their thing. It was always a special sound hearing Sascha yelling compliments behind the camera. And just as exciting to see her in action, she’s such a natural beauty!


What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

 S: I love the Rib Tank and Skirt in Beige. It is a simple and elegant outfit. The beige is so chic and I love throwing on something comfy that can transform easily from day to night.

C: Definitely the matching stripe set: Club Shirt and Direction Shorts in blue. It’s super playful and chic. Perfect for a flowy Summer’s day. 



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