Our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Story

Our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Story
 When I started Lois Hazel, I started with the goal to have as little negative impact as possible for both our planet and people. I wanted to create a brand that was honest, responsible, and beautiful - through the raw materials I used, the people I worked with and the designs I created.
One of the ways to do this was through was the use of certified organic and traceable fabrics. Not only did I want to make pieces that ensured those who made them were looked after, but I also wanted to ensure that those who grew, picked, spun, weaved, and created the fabrics were treated fairly and that my fabrics didn’t have a negative impact on our earth either.
Unfortunately after some time researching and trying to source these types of fabrics I realised, most of the time, the minimums required to purchased these textiles were too high for where I was a business. As a new brand, I didn’t have the financial backing nor did I have the orders to allow me to commit to the the required minimum.
However, after releasing our rib styles from Transverse, and seeing how much you all loved them, I was in a position where I knew I was finally able to commit to using GOTS certified organic cottons instead of regular conventional cotton.

Shaniqua in our Terracotta RIB DRESS made out of GOTS certified organic cotton

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres - including ecological and social criteria - and is backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain, as stated on their website (www.global-standard.org)
The standard covers a range of different requirements such as social and environmental, meaning that when you purchase something with the GOTS certification you can say that you are purchasing something that is doing as much as it can to ensure there is as little harm to our planet and people as possible in its creation.
I was so excited and immediately got in touch with the team at OCC, who are a wholesaler for an incredible range of different certified knits, including GOTS. I found the perfect weighted rib that would compliment our RIB styles and the rest was history.
Shaniqua in our Terracotta RIB PANT made out of GOTS certified organic cotton
Lois Hazel still has a long way to go, and so much more to learn and implement but I believe it’s important to stop and celebrate these moments, and also take the time to thank you all for letting me get here. Without the support of you guys there really isn’t any way I could be doing all that we do here at LH.
Oh one last thing, not only did we invest in our beautiful GOTS ribs but also our beautiful Plaid, that is a incredible GOTS organic cotton / Hemp Blend.
 You can check out our full range of GOTS certified organic cotton pieces 



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