Monday Muse : Daphne

September 22, 2019

Monday Muse : Daphne

As the first feature for my Monday Muse series, I thought who better to introduce you to and be inspired by, than my dear mum, Daphne. Having recently signed up to modelling agency, Silver Fox, she really is an inspiration that you are never too old to try something new or try something again from the past that you loved. I hope you get inspired by her answers below to explore new and venture back into the old.
I obviously know quite a lot about you, you being my mum and all, but what is something many wouldn’t know about you? 
That I was an ace Netball player and captain of a team for many years in high school and loved it! Also that I love France, I lived there for a year, learned the language to fluency, sadly have lost a lot of it now, but it comes in handy sometimes.
One memory I have from my childhood is sitting down and going through your old modelling book, looking at the beautiful photos, and I’m so excited to see you modelling again, what got you back into it and how has it helped you out?
Well, actually it was you that got me back into it! Helping out when you needed the odd photos, then I started helping out some of your friends. Finally I was signed up by Silver Fox Management (for senior models). It’s great fun, there’s not a lot of work for me at the moment, but it has connected me with some other senior models on Instagram, who are becoming the best ‘pen pals’ ever!
What advice would you have for someone your age who wants to start something new, or start something again, just like you have with your modelling?
Not to rush into anything too quickly (we are getting older after all!) … and just push a few doors here and there that interest you, and if one opens, go through and see what comes of it and if you like it. The great thing about being older is it’s easier to say no to things without the guilt of letting people down, if we choose that something is not right for us.
What would be one thing you want to achieve in the next 5 years? 
I would like to do much more modelling and do some runway walks. I reckon by then, as I’ll be 61 that I’ll be a real senior model, and be honoured if I’m still wanted.
You and dad always help me when I want to give up, you inspire me and keep me going, so I would love to know what inspires you to keep going when times are tough and all you want to do is give up?
I take some time out, spend time alone, write a lot of journals and hopefully come out the other side with a better understanding of where I am really at.
Best piece of advice you have ever received?  
“Criticism is merely someone else’s opinion, and not the real truth.”
You are one of the biggest movie obsessed person I know (in line with my dear husband) so, what is one movie you think everyone needs to watch and why?
 Stardust, because it’s a funny and beautiful fairy tale (with a fabulous cast) and of course has a deeper layer to it which I love! Oh and Titanic, it really has the best costumes, but why does the boat have to sink every time!
What advice would you want to give to yourself when you were my age?
That what ever I achieved, be it big or small, it was a success; And to treasure that; no achievement should go un-awarded, every tiny step counts.
I know each morning is always different for you depending on how you feel, but do you have a morning routine that you like to stick by? If so, what is it you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?
I like to have an early cuppa in bed, read a bit, then walk the dog with coffee in hand, breakfast and then I’m set for the day! Two mornings are dedicated to yoga during the week too, and as I get older I find that is an essential practice.
What does ethical fashion mean to you? And why do you think it is important?
It means something that is fair to the people and the planet. It is important because we all have a responsibility to take care of all peoples' well being and the environment. It is important because everyone’s influence and footprint extends well beyond their day to day, face to face interactions with their immediate environment. To be confident our ‘reach’ has the least negative impact , we have to rely on and trust what others do, on our behalf. So businesses must be open, honest and transparent.
Of course, the most important question, what is your favourite piece from the new range? Why?
The Fold Drop Dress in Black. The fabric , Tencel, is just a dream to wear!
 Daphne in her black Fold Drop Dress at Melbourne Fashion Week 

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September 23, 2019

Daphne is such a kind, gentle and inspiring woman. It’s absolutely wonderful she is a model … a beautiful model with a message … positive ageing. Like mother like daughter Lois, you are a wonderful and inspiring designer. I wish you all the success in the world. Xx Sonja

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