Meet the makers of most of your LH pieces

Meet the makers of most of your LH pieces
Meet the team at CGT 
We chatted to Phil who overlooks the factory floor, he  was kind enough to answer some questions for us as well as let us take some beautiful images of the factory. We wanted to share them with you so you could learn more about and meet the people who make your LH pieces.
Images thanks to the beautiful Rosie Poulier 

Who are you guys?

CGT is a family run Australian clothing manufacturer based in Brunswick, Victoria.


What do you do?

We complete in house garment manufacturing from start to finish, making all types of garments. We cut all the pieces out, sew them up, press and trim to make sure they are perfect and ready to go to store.

 How long have you been operating for?

Since 1983


How many people do you currently employ?

20 to 30 people, consisting of:

Cutters - They lay out all the fabric and cut out the individual pattern pieces which will then be passed on to our machinists who construct them in their 3D form.

Pressers - They press all the garments that come back from our machinist before they get picked up or sent out.

Machinists - They sew and finish the garments once they have been cut out by the cutters. Will work on both samples along with production.

Finishers - Finalising the garments, making sure they are finished correctly.

Managers - overlook and make sure everything is running smoothly in the business and on the factory floor.

We have a mixture of full time, part time and casual staff.

Why do you think it is important to keep things Australian made?

Employment for Australians and keeping the local industry alive.  

 What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Creating garments both difficult and easy for every designer's needs, we love seeing a complete garment range come together. We take pride in our work, our work is to help and create garments from rolls of fabric into something the designer has asked to the highest level , every time , all the time .



We are so greatful to be able to work with an amazing team.


 x x x

Lois Hazel  

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