Meet Melbourne Creative Claudia, founder of Vain Art.

Meet Melbourne Creative Claudia, founder of Vain Art.
A few years ago Claudia Giorno fell in love with the ancient 19th century mirroring technique called glass mirror silvering. After numerous months of trial and error, she finally mastered it and Vain Art was born. 
We caught up with Claudia and talked about her professional journal with Vain Art, the challenges of creating custom made works and the process behind her pieces. 
We highly encourage you to keep u to date with Claudia's incredible creations via instagram here and hope you enjoy our chat! 
Tell us a little bit about yourself - who are you and what you love doing?
Hello! My name is Claudia Giorno, I’m the creative director at Vain Art. I’m 26 year’s old and I love the sunshine, traveling and experimenting with the ancient technique called glass mirror silvering. 
Can you share a little bit about your professional journey with Vain Art so far - how did you get to where you are today?
So a few years ago I stumbled across a video of the ancient 19th century mirroring technique and immediately fell in love with the mesmerizing way a person can turn plain glass into a mirror, with your bare hands without any machinery.
After numerous months of trial and error I finally mastered the technique, that brings me to where I am today.
We are so amazed by your talent - what is the process behind your pieces? 
Thank you so much! To begin I start with ordering a piece a glass from my local manufacture. Whether it be a circle, square or rectangle I love to work with all shapes and sizes! Once received, I get into the studio, layout all my utensils, put on my gas mask and get to work!
In regards to the actual process I’m sorry but a magician never reveals their secrets…
Your pieces are all custom made - do you enjoy the challenge this creates
There are times I may get frustrated with the tediousness of the process, as everything must be so precise to achieve the perfect effect. Also, they way I pour the silver onto the glass requires care as this is what makes each piece totally unique from the next.
Vain Art is all about the creative process, and understanding patience is key when creating beautiful art.
Where do you find your creative inspiration comes from?
I feel like my creative inspiration comes from a handful of close people around me, I’m lucky enough to feed off their energy that drives my inspiration to heights I never thought I had.
You are a Melbourne local just as Lois hazel is - what are you most looking forward to in the Melbourne summer? 
I’m a sucker for sunshine and salt water, so you can find me by the beach.
With the current climate of the world today have you found your day to day changing? In terms of creativity and business, has this been affected.
I think the harsh reality of the virus is that its changed the world as we know it. In a sense of creativity and business I try to keep myself in a positive mind frame at all times and be grateful for what I have rather than what I do not. Yes it has impacted business, however I’m pushing through.
We are all about sustainability here at LH, what are your views on sustainability in the creative industry today?
I strongly believe sustainability is the way of the future. We only have one home that we all share and its called earth, that’s very important to understand and acknowledge. All creatives need to do their bit to help. As I’m new to the industry I do plan on making an impactful change in the near future. Stay tuned!
It is an ever changing digital world - how do you think social media has helped your brand? 
Social media has enabled me to engage with people all around the world. Show casing my work to all corners of the globe is amazing in itself. The power of the digital world is incredible and definitely has helped.
It’s also allowed me to collaborate and connect with customers and other creative individuals and businesses such as Louis Hazel.
The silver glass technique has become a signature for Vain Art mirrors - how did you decide on this design? 
I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by abstract art work. Its something about the free thought, flow and uncontrollable patterns/shapes had influenced my own designs.
Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs out there wanting to get their business up and running?
Believe in yourself and never give up.
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