Meet Eliza, the women behind Mosey Me, a playful yet sophisticated home wear brand

Meet Eliza, the women behind Mosey Me, a playful yet sophisticated home wear brand
Introducing Eliza, one of my wonderful studio sisters, textile designer extraordinaire and founder of one of my favourite home wear brands  
I met Eliza when I moved into my new beautiful space as she rents the studio next door. Eliza is a textile designer by trade and has turned her unique and fresh style into some incredible home wear products, two of which have now found homes at my place. She brings such fun, joy and beauty to everything she does and I love her playful approach to life, something that she translate into her work so wonderfully. 
​It's been so great getting to know Eliza over the past year and watch Mosey Me go from strength to strength. I'm so excited to keep growing with her and watch both our business babies grow side by side. 

I'm also excited because Eliza and I have been working on something quite special over the last couple of weeks and we will be introducing it to you all this Thursday (28/11)! There is a little sneak peak below, but I don't want to  give too much away so keep your eyes peeled for some pretty beautiful pieces hitting both our websites soon and as always I hope you are as inspired as I was when I read this.
Eliza stalls at this years Finder Keeper with her new Salento range 
Would love to know the story behind Mosey Me. When did you first come up with the idea and is there a story behind the name? 
 I always knew I wanted to run my own business one day, it was one of the things I was most sure of. When I was studying textile design I could really see how I could achieve that dream which got me really excited & I just let the dream grow. I went out and worked in the industry for 7 years learning before I started Mosey Me so it was a slow burn for good reason though. The Name comes from my childhood pug Moses, he was everything to me when I was young and I acquired the nickname 'mosey' because of him. The name stuck and it felt right so I just rolled with it! 
Could you share the process of how you come up with beautiful designs. I love how fluid and free everything you do is, you always manage to create such nice movement in your work. How do you start coming up with new designs? Could you share a bit about the process you take to create a new mosey me print? 
Thank you! Well every time I begin the process I start with mood boarding, I love collating images that work and sit well together, they can be from editorial, fashion, ceramics, nature, interiors, architecture, anything really and I just sit with them. I put them all up on my wall in the studio and let them sink in. From there I start refining and seeing the threads come through - what colours keep recurring, what vibe they give off is it calm or intense and then I usually do some more research from there. For my latest range Salento I started with all these beautiful images of white sheets, gallery style homes, light blue tones, soft beach photos, statues and lots of hand drawn lines. From there I researched back from the images and found a lot of the architecture and beaches I was looking at were from the Puglia region in Italy, that sent me off on the journey of exploring that as a concept and Salento was born. Then I start the painting process - the most challenging part! It's fun but It still scares me a little, things are one way in your head and another on paper. Part of the challenge is to let go of what you're thinking and try to know no bounds. 
Eliza at her studio with her new art print 
Could you also share a bit behind the inspiration for our collab pieces? How did you come up with the shapes and patterns used? 
Well when you approached me with the idea of hand painting directly onto clothing I knew it had to be free and fluid just due to the nature of the situation. There is no room for error so the safest way was to be really free and organic, a sort of "no such thing as a mistake" mentality was taken. With the shapes and patterns used they are really just what comes out of me when I draw, I've always drawn pattern like that - abstract big strokes, curved shapes, dots It's just what I do :)
A little sneak peak of our wonderful collaboration 
I LOVE having you as one of my studio sisters, walking into your studio, it is always so inspiring! You have created such a fun, feminine and very Mosey Me space? Do you think it’s important to have a creative space? If so why? 
YES x 100! Space and vibe is super important to me, I'm a libran so having a beautiful space to work is a must. My studio space is my place where I don't have to compromise anything for anyone - Its 100% me and It helps when I can curate and style it to reflect my brand. I always need to much from myself in this space, it's where all my designs are created, all the brainstorming of ideas all the freak outs and the highs and lows of running a business happen. I need to feel nurtured, inspired and driven all in one space so I put a lot of effort into creating my own safe space. It's my favourite place to be. 
Eliza with her artwork at this years Finders Keepers
 I know running a small business can be hard, stressful, painful and extremely scary, but it can also be incredibly rewarding, exciting and fill you with such proud moments. Could you share some of these moments you have experience through your journey with Mosey Me? 
 Yes, running Mosey Me has been 3 years of rollercoaster adventures so far with only bigger highs and lows to come I'm sure :/ One of my proudest achievements so far was being asked to be the feature artist for the Finders Keepers spring summer market this year. It was special to me as I felt recognised as an artist that can design for multiple things not just the product I do. It has been so amazing seeing my designs come to life for branding, event promotion, giant banners, fencing and so much more. It has also opened me up to so many new and exciting opportunities which I'm very grateful for! Another thing I'm proud of is the fact that I've shown up for my business for 3 years so far, it can feel really easy to walk away from everything because it really is so hard to run a business and actually make it work. I'm a creative person so the design and inspiration side of things are my natural state everything else I'm having to learn as I go. There have been many mistakes made in the process which are good because that's the best way to learn however they are taxing and if you make one that's really big It can cause serious damage - that's a pressure you have to wear in business and sometimes that can feel pretty intense.  
What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? 
Be flexible in business  
Eliza at Finders with her Floral Dreams bedding set
What advice would you give to someone who is wanting to start their own business? Where would be the best place for them to start? 
Think about what you want out of your life, can you get it working for someone? or is the challenge your seeking building something of you own - be honest here! You can't do this work unless it's all you can think about and if that's you then go for it, you have determination and resilience and when you keep showing up it will work but you have to be smart about it. Start just by talking your idea out with people, a lot of them will probably try and deter you from it but it's good practise to show them just how committed you are. Plus talking about it will only help you visualise it even more! 
Have you got anything exciting in the works with Mosey Me that you can share with us? 
So many new and exciting things are on the horizon for Mosey Me, I feel like we're only just getting started. Keep an eye on us for the second half of 2020 - there will be so much to show you! 
Eliza working on our collaboration in her studio
If you were able to see your beautiful bedding on anyone’s bed, who would it be and why?
The three sisters from the band Haim!I love their music overall style - they have been a huge source of inspiration to me. Famous people aside - anyone who decides to purchase Mosey Me makes me happy and proud, they have chosen with their hard earned money to invest in my brand, that is the ultimate compliment and fuel to keep me going. 
What is your favourite piece from FOLD and why? 
The Fold Drop Dress in black and the Fold Trousers in beige! The dress because it is very elegant and sits beautifully on, plus the length is my favourite & the fold trousers because they are my go to - I love a waisted pant, super easy to wear casually or dressed up and I feel amazing in them. Chic and Fab! 
Make sure to follow along on Eliza's journey HERE and check out her amazing range HERE 
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