LH Woman: Tumaini

LH Woman: Tumaini

Meet Tumaini; Mother, Content Creator, Colour lover, Model and all round wonder woman. We had a wonderful chat to Tumaini about her love for colour, motherhood as well as the importance of supporting Aboriginal owned businesses.

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me introduce you to the LH community, I am so excited to feature you on my LH Woman series. Firstly, I’d love for you to introduce yourself; Who are you? What do you do and what takes up most of your day to day?

It’s my absolute pleasure! Thank you for having me here. My name is Tumaini. I am a lover of one and mother to three wonderful little humans. I am a wife, mother, joker, colour lover, amateur baker, model and photographer. I like the soft life and enjoyment and everything in between. Currently, most of my day to day is mothering (aka the driver) whilst I am on maternity leave. When that’s not the case I am chasing the elusive work life balance and juggling extra mum guilt and a ‘professional’ career.

You have an incredible eye for colour and print when it comes to fashion, how would you describe your style and what inspires you the most when you get dressed in the morning? 

I think my fashion sense is bold, eclectic and colourful. I love a good throw on and go. I hate ironing so any fabrics or clothing that don’t require that are the best for me. I also like repurposing items in my wardrobe and being able to wear them more than one way.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to introduce a bit more print and colour into their wardrobe? 

Nike slogan – just do it !!! a lovely blazer to add colour to your winter wardrobe, some colourful shoes or maybe a bold colourful necklace. Start with something that you can wear with everything but make it bright and introduce it to your wardrobe. Imagine wearing a white blouse and jeans or black work pants and throwing on a bright pink jacket! ugh! Divine 

I discovered you via the incredible Amber Days, a beautiful Aboriginal owned fashion brand. You do such an incredible job at supporting and showcasing several Aboriginal owned businesses, it would be so great if you could share a few other brands, you recommend people to check out.  

Wow!!! You know when we connected, I had no idea how we found each other but this is awesome. I have so many to mention and I normally shout out every Wednesday for #wearitblakwednesday so if I don’t mention everyone here, then follow me for more over on instagram but…. 

Amber days (of course!)

Brandy Rose

Pia Designs

Blakbird Designs

Mscl Up



Wattle Jane

J Indegineous designs

Yarli Creative

The Minority Co


Why do you think it is so important for us as an Australian community to celebrate and promote all these incredible Aboriginal designers? 

This is one of the oldest cultures in the world right, and we are in this country on their land, we have to learn from them, respect and understand their values and their principles. How do we do that? Listening to their stories, their lessons, supporting their businesses whether by purchasing or advertising via word of mouth or on social media. The term Ally has been thrust to the forefront of our daily life since the BLM movement and being a good Ally means we need to be supportive, proud and loud. 

Now is the time for us to be fully supportive of everything Aboriginal designers and creatives produce? There are no excuses because in this digital age we have access to anything and everything at our fingertips so why not make the conscious effort to support Aboriginal business? 

I’d love to know how or if motherhood change your approach to fashion? How did you find dressing post-partum, and do you have any advice you wished you received during that time in terms of how to approach your pre-pregnancy wardrobe afterwards? 

Do you know – after having three kids – I still kind of struggle with this but after having my second baby and whilst I was pregnant with my third – I let go of a lot of expectations and drivers that involved other people’s perceptions of me and focused on my happiness and my children’s happiness. Being in an environment where we have so much more inclusion in size and style made this so much easier than after I had my first child. I’ve learnt the little number on that tag means nothing and you should wear anything that makes you comfortable regardless of the number on that tag, you should wear what you feel sexy in regardless of what you think other people will think of you when you wear it. dress for you. dress for your daughters so they can grow up navigating fashion and clothing simply as an expression rather than finding pieces that are ‘flattering’ or ‘on trend’. Dress for you. dress to feel joy whatever that looks like for you.

 I feel like in the last couple of years the fashion industry has shifted towards a more inclusive however it still has a long way to go. Why do you think it’s so important for this industry to be more inclusive across gender, race, and size? 

I think I have covered that off above, however, I think the word inclusive is so loaded. They should have a range of sizing and that should be the norm – we shouldn’t be included because regardless of race and size, we are already here. Present – involved and alive. So have multiple models of gender, race and size showcasing the same garments for all to enjoy. also – for ‘plus’ size – can we have large fupas and tummies and mummy bellies showing the clothing – people with hip dips and not this hourglass figure that we have been served all our lives please. REAL bodies and not the ideal ‘plus size’. 

If you could go back in time, what advice would you want to give your younger self when it came to dressing? 

Do whatever you want and don’t listen to those aunties criticising you for your size girl! eat your food, gym when you want to, don’t pick up those diet pills. Also post all the photos – your fashion sense is fabulous. Also, I love you!

I just launched my new winter range; I’d love to know what your favourite piece is and why? Also, where you see yourself wearing it?

Ermmmmmmmm!!! I love it all honestly. And when I’m not in colour or bold prints – brown is my go-to! I have the Devon dress in Plaid and she will be worn to every single function, in the office, school pickups and drop offs, brunch, wineries – EVERYTHING. She’s comfortable, she’s warm on her own but also perfect for layering. I also adore everything Welton because I mean who doesn’t want to be rolling around in pure comfort right?


You can follow along Tumaini journey on Instagram HERE 

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