LH Woman : Mahishee

LH Woman : Mahishee

Meet Mahishee; Model, First-year law student, Dog lover and LH Woman. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, what can we expect in a ‘day in the life’ of Mahishee?

During this lockdown, my days are fairly repetitive! Being a first-year law student, there is always so much to do, so most of my time is spent studying. In my spare time, my favourite thing to do is go for a walk with my pup. If we’re not walking, you’ll find us laying around in any little pocket of sun we can find, listening to music. And at the end of every day, I love getting comfy on the couch and binge-watching episodes of Greys Anatomy.

Mahishee isn’t your first name, it’s Tanya, I’d love to know the story behind Mahishee and why you chose to have that as your name in modelling?  

That’s right, my full name is actually Tanya Mahishee Oogathoo! I am of Hindu religion, and within my culture, when you are born you are given a syllable with which your name should begin with. This is determined by a priest, who looks at the alignment of the stars, the moon, and the sun according to the day and time of your birth. My syllable was ‘Ma’, and my parents chose Mahishee. My older sister chose the name Tanya for me. They both truly have so much meaning to me. Using Mahishee as my modelling name was a suggestion made by my agent. I was reluctant at first as at the time, I didn’t feel as though it was a part of who I was. However, I couldn’t be happier that I chose to do so, as I came to realise the true meaning of the name to me, it representative of not only my culture, but my beautiful parents. I wouldn’t have had the chance to truly embrace my middle name if it wasn’t for my job, and I have my agent to thank for that.

How did you end up getting into modelling and working with Chadwick’s? Was it something you always wanted to do, or did it just naturally happen?

Modelling was always something I had been told I should try, and it was something that I was always curious about. I knew I wanted to experience it at some point in my life. During the summer holidays before starting Year 12, I spontaneously decided to send in an application to Chadwick’s, not really thinking that I would get very far. Much to my surprise and excitement, after a meeting at the agency, I signed with Chadwick Models. From that day onwards, it has been an incredible journey, for which I could not be more grateful for.

The modelling industry is slowly evolving and striving to be more inclusive, have you felt any changes in your journey being a Women of Colour?  

It’s been incredible to see a movement towards far more awareness, and knowledge in the modelling industry. I am able to go to work knowing that my makeup artist will have the correct shade of foundation for my skin tone, or other products and shades which are more suited to my complexion. I can be comfortable knowing that my hair artist will know how to work with thicker hair and have products which are suitable for me. This is a privilege which I know many women of colour in the past have not had, and potentially still may not have. I have been incredibly fortunate to of worked with individuals who have never made me feel out of place. However, it is important that we continue to work towards this in every aspect.  

Do you think it is important to have more representation in the Modelling / Fashion industry and why?

I believe that this is of crucial importance. In our world today, more than ever before young individuals form their perceptions regarding standards of beauty through the media. Without an adequate representation of all individuals, whether that be of different body types, races, genders and many more, children come to believe that they do not fit into societies standard of beauty, and that in turn, they are not beautiful. For me personally, when I was growing up, my idea of beauty was highly specific to a certain skin tone and hair colour, and I understood that I didn’t fit into that box solely due to the colour of my skin. I was lucky enough to have an older sister who was confident in her own skin, and who taught me that it was my differences which made me beautiful. Looking back now, I realise that she may not have always confident herself, as she was exposed to the same standard of beauty which she also didn’t fit into. However, she always held herself in a particular way, and she raised me to be confident and proud of my differences. Many individuals may not have people in their lives who teach them the things which my sister taught me, therefore it is crucial that the modelling industry be inclusive of all individuals, as they are the leaders of these strongly held perceptions of beauty.

 Our new collection was inspired by escapism, packing up and going on a much-needed holiday. What if you could take your perfect holiday what would that look like? 

Without a doubt, I would go back home to Mauritius. I would love to be back in our childhood home in Goodland’s, surrounded by our family. It would consist of long days by my favourite beach, and family dinner parties in the afternoons, with all the most incredible food you could ever imagine.


We named two of our styles from HOLIDAY after your hometown, Goodlands, which is in Mauritius. What would be your go to recommendations for anyone wanting to head to Mauritius on a holiday and why? 

My recommendation would be to go! While the island itself is full of so much beauty, the culture you’re surrounded by is all the more incredible. I would recommend not only visiting the beautiful beaches, but also going to the phenomenal markets in Port Louis and Goodland’s. Most importantly, I would recommend making the most of the food! There is a plethora of activities to do on the island, ranging from deep sea diving and snorkelling to quad biking the mountain terrains. They are out of this world experiences that I would recommend to anyone. 

We’d love to know what your favourite piece is from our new range is and why?

My favourite would have to be the Goodlands Dress and The Amalfi Dress. They are both so comfortable and flowy, perfect for hot summer days, and beyond flattering. I love that it can be worn casually as well as dressed up for the perfect night out.

Just like us, you are quite obsessed with your dog. Can you tell us a bit about her? What makes her so special and

Yes! She is the absolute light of my life. Her name is Luna, and she is a 3-year-old golden Labrador. She has the most goofy and loving personality, and she is completely perfect for our family. She adores her walks but is also more than happy to lay in the sun for hours on end cuddling. Not to mention she is an absolute water baby and will strive to find any puddle she can roll around in. She’s beyond cheeky, but she’s truly so cute that it’s hard to be angry with her. Luna has completely brightened our lives, she makes every bad day easier, and every good day even more blissful.

As most of the states and territories have been in and out of lockdowns and your home state is currently in lockdown what are five things that have been keeping you sane through all this?

Lockdown has been a struggle, it’s been difficult to stay motivated and to stay hopeful at times. To get through it, I’ve been trying to make time for a walk every day. Some days it’s the last thing I feel like doing, but it helps to clear my mind and I always feel better. I’ve also started watching Greys Anatomy at the start of this lockdown, and it has slowly become an obsession. I also started a puzzle with the family which has kept us busy. And on top of that, I try to have a self care night every week, where I can have time to myself and do the things I love. Most of all, I’ve had a lot more time to read during lockdown which I have absolutely loved.  

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  • Still can’t believe my eyes when I see the cute little lady you are turning into. You have an aura that is so intoxicatedly contagious. Wherever you go, whatever destination you choose, you’ll glow for sure and also brighten the lives of all those around you. I’ll forever cherish the sweet moments we spent together when you were in your early teens back here in Mauritius. This is only the premise of a wonderful future which is yet to unfold. So proud of you Tanya.

    Ravi Naïdu on

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