LH Woman : Alison Rice

LH Woman : Alison Rice
Meet Alison Rice; Mother, Wife, Podcast Host and a conscious career and business coach. We had a wonderful chat to Alison about her work, motherhood, taking time offline and her hopes for the future. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to let us introduce you to our community, we are so excited to feature you on our LH Woman series. Firstly, I’d love for you to introduce yourself? Who are you? What do you do and what takes up most of your day to day?
I love this question because right now, the self work I am doing is more focused on what I am vs. who I am. And I think this is really interesting for all of us to explore. A teacher once told me the work for us to do is make contact with what we are before defining who we are or what we’ll do.
But to answer your question…! My name is Alison Rice and I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I make a living as a conscious career and business coach, and I host a podcast called Offline. I’m in my motherhood season so right now most of my awareness is on my beautiful baby girl, Betty.
I first discovered you when I came across your wonderful Podcast, Offline. I’d love to know a bit more behind Offline, why did you start it? What is its intention and where do you hope to see it go in the future?
Offline was a bit of a bridge between two worlds for me. It was 2018 and I was coming out of a senior publishing role to explore the next professional pathway and one that felt more aligned to my true nature and values. Offline really became an extension of that personal exploration I was doing to make contact with what was next for me. In the first few seasons, I was having these big realisations and moments of clarity on record. It was really special because so many people in my community were also having these spiritual and professional epiphanies while they listened, and so we really were transitioning together.
Coming out of women’s publishing where everything is so glossy and aspirational, I wanted to create content that was grounded in reality. These were honest conversations about True Self with the people we follow on social media that we weren’t yet having — about their real lives on the other side of the filter and who they were at their essence. I had an early vision for what Offline could be beyond a podcast, but truthfully I didn’t let myself believe it would be more than one season. A creative project I could be proud of and work I believed needed to exist. But thanks to support from people like you, I’m now in season seven and have developed an entire conscious success methodology!
Today, Offline is a resource for people who are evolving beyond traditional ideals of success to explore professional pathways that are more aligned to their true nature, unique gifts and passions. This is what I call True Self Success. I teach people how to define True Self Success for themselves, and use their gifts in more evolutionary and conscious ways. I serve my community through the podcast, online and guided courses, personal coaching and in-person events. On that… I’m back to planning Offline’s first retreat! Something that has obviously been on pause but I can’t wait to bring to my community.
Personally, I really love the concept behind Offline, taking a moment to discover some incredible humans behind some influential online accounts. To date what have been some of your most memorable interviews and why? 
I’ve worked really hard to secure some incredible global guests like Dr. LePera The Holistic Psychologist and Goop’s ex-CCO Elise Loehnen, and those episodes are truly potent, but truthfully, my favourite conversations are with anyone who is willing to bring the truth of who they are to the present moment. Oftentimes it’s the episodes with guests who have more niche profiles that move people the most.
Not only is Offline a podcast, but it is also space where you can go to get a mixture of spiritual guidance and professional coaching. What can people expect to receive in one of your courses?
Yes, I say it is somewhere between your spiritual guide and professional coach. Offline exists at the intersection of our True Self and our professional self. I believe these two things are interconnected and when we begin to succeed from that space in the middle, we experience freedom and a sense of fulfilment.
Students of my work and offerings can expect a lot of self reflection. A lot of clarity. Life affirming wisdom. The thing I always have to remind myself of — especially as a conscious career and business coach — is that you know. Part of the work we do together is bringing you back to your innate knowing.
 You recently had some time offline, logging off social media for a few weeks. How did you find it and has it shaped how you interact online now? Would you recommend more people give this a try?
 I did! It was 40 days which might sound like a lot but it flew by. I actually came off social media so I could be fully present and open to the evolution available to me during the Offline Group Japa Journey I was co-hosting. It’s a really transformative community journey and being off social media made it even more potent for me personally. 
I think going offline for an extended period to time is a real privilege and one not everyone can afford to experience, which speaks volumes about the digital worlds we’ve created and how reliant we have become on these platforms to drive our businesses and brands to profitability. But if you are in a position to take a break, I highly recommend considering it. It’s really important that we create entry points in our everyday to return to self. To move into silence so we can observe and reflect.
I find coming off social media easier when I’m doing it as part of some deeper self work. Offline’s next Group Japa Journey will take place in 2022 so if anyone needs some conscious accountability… please consider registering your interest!
 You also recently became a Mumma to a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations! I’d love to know what role clothing played in your postpartum journey.
 Thank you! Our little Betty was a long time coming and we suffered a couple of devastating losses before her, so she truly is our angel. She’s the sweetest girl! The postpartum phase for me was all about being soft and slow. Being present with her, being physically close and resting as much as possible. Another privilege not every woman is afforded but a moment in time I worked hard to carve out for myself and my family. I still published the podcast and did some light recording, but for the most part I was offline professionally. When it came to clothes, I just wanted to feel beautiful and comfortable. I gave birth in late January so I was all about over-sized button ups, cosy shorts and slippers.
 It’s not been an easy 2 years. We’ve been through a Pandemic, seen the effect of climate change continue to escalate in our country and some intense political events.  How have you looked after your mental and physical wellbeing through all this? Any advice you could share that we could pass on to our community?
 I’m a Vedic Meditator and it’s the single most powerful and grounding technique I’ve ever learnt. There’s many positives to meditating using this technique and learning the body knowledge that goes with it, but one of the most transformative things for me was how it helped me become an agent of change. It helped me understand my unique role in the evolution of all things, and how to use my unique gifts to serve. When I’m in service to something greater than me, I feel useful. Like I’m doing something instead of getting overwhelmed by everything, if that makes sense.
 We were inspired by escaping and exploring new surroundings for Holiday, our latest summer collection. Now that things have begun to open up again where are you hoping to ‘holiday’ and explore? 
Your latest collection is truly beautiful. Congratulations.
Betty is nearly 10 months old and has spent most of her life in lockdown, so I think the idea of a holiday is still a bit novel… like, I just want to take her to a restaurant or the shops! But I know we’ll get to it all in good time. We’re really privileged to be able to rent near the beach in North Bondi (I’ll add here that there’s a lot we don’t “have” or “do" to be able to prioritise this), so for now that feels just perfect and like a holiday in itself. 
I’d love to know what your favourite pieces are from our new range and where you can see yourself wearing them?
I am loving my Miranda top and Miranda skirt! It’s really the perfect outfit for my lifestyle, which right now is a lot of bending over at the park chasing Betty, long walks with the pram and sitting at my desk creating. Light, casual but still refined and put together. Ready for a cheeky margie if the moment presents itself or the inevitable Zoom call.
Lastly, how can people find you online and get in touch if they want to sign up to one of our courses and listen to your incredible podcast?
Thank you for asking. For anyone reading, I want you to know I am here to help you think things through professionally. A problem shared truly feels halved.
You can visit www.getoffline.co to explore my offerings, listen to Offline, The Podcast on any major podcasting platform, or find me @alisonlarsenrice or @getoffline.co on Instagram.
 Thank you for having me and supporting my work!
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