LOVE, and what it means to three different people

LOVE, and what it means to three different people
February 14th means different things to different people in the same way that there are myriad iterations of love. We spoke to three groups that are close to Lois Hazel about how this day plays a role in their relationship and how they express their love of one another.


Isabel, Sonia, & Jessie

[Jessie wears the Tie Circle Skirt in Stripe, Isabel wears the Wrapped Dress in Stripe, Sonia wears the Connect Dress in Stripe]

Introducing the Metz women. Isabel moved to Melbourne as a newlywed and set up life in Australia with her husband. Shortly after she had her 3 beautiful children, including her two daughters, Jessie and Sonia. Jessie now lives and works in London, and Isabel and Sonia are still based in Melbourne where the work and study respectively. While the distance is challenging, they make sure they visit each other somewhere in the world at least every 6 months and the mother daughter time together is always precious.

Tell us the story of your meet/cute! How did you meet?

Isabel: As early arrivals, our first meetings were filled with excited anticipation and sense of urgency. Your births were the most special moments in our lives.

Sonia: I was born 😜

Jessie: I remember Sonia’s arrival pretty clearly. She was 6 weeks premature and was having trouble breathing on her own, so she had to be in an incubator. I was 9 at the time, and I remember seeing this tiny baby covered in crusty stuff and I was like “Eww!” But she grew on me very quickly. She was such a cute baby I couldn’t resist her!


How do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one(s)?

Isabel: We talk, exchange cards and messages of love and, if in the same city, do something special together.

Sonia: One year we gave each other novelty cookies.

Jessie: As I’m living in London now we won’t be together this year, so we decided to celebrate a few weeks early on my recent trip home. We went to the Yarra Valley and had a lovely day enjoying some good wine, sunshine, and time together.


How would you define love?

Isabel: This is a tough question that the best writers and philosophers have tried to answer for centuries. For me, love certainly encompasses an effortless unconditional acceptance and deep empathy for another.

Sonia: When you can’t go a day without thinking about a person.

Jessie: Yes, I agree with both mum and Sonia, and I think love is putting someone else before yourself. And it doesn’t necessarily feel like sacrifice, because it’s effortless and feels like the right thing to do.


What for you has been the key to a lasting and loving relationship? 

Isabel: Remembering not to take one another for granted; expression of one’s feelings including gratitude and appreciation; empathy, respect and willingness to forgive.

Sonia: accepting each other no matter the individual strengths or weaknesses.

Jessie: Showing your full self to each other, being open and honest.


Scott & Philip

Philip is one Lois Hazel’s regular contributors; owning his own sewing business in Melbourne, he’s been a part of LH since its fruition after meeting Lois working at The Fabric Store. His partner, Scott, owns a business in Sydney and thus, love for them explores long distance and all the challenges that stem from that.


Tell us the story of your meet/cute! How did you meet?

Scott: I was out celebrating a work achievement when Philip came over to me at the bar and asked how my night was going. I knew instantly that there was a connection there and that I wanted to get to know more about him and be part of his life. 

Philip:  I had just returned from working in Thailand for 4 months and was out with friends on a rare night out. I was about to leave when I spotted this man at the end of the bar sitting on his own. I was immediately attracted to him and I knew that I was going to talk to him. I said "Hi, how's your night going?" and not a day has gone by since we met on the 12th May 2017 that we haven't spoken/texted.

I fell in love the minute he looked at me and I knew from that moment, that this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with.


What does Valentine's day mean to you? 

Scott: For me it’s an opportunity to show the one you truly care about how much you love them. Unfortunately it has become very commercial nowadays. 

Philip: Any time someone gets to hear "I love you" is a good day and that's what I've come to love about the 14th February. Whether it's your partner, Mum & Dad, siblings, or your children, it's a reminder to appreciate those you cherish.


How would you define love?

Scott: When the thought of losing them hurts, that’s how you know you’re in love. Love is more than friendship, it’s someone to share your happiest moments in life with. 

Philip:  I literally stop what I'm doing sometimes and start to tear up thinking about Scott. It could be whilst I'm doing the dishes or listening to a song. I can't define love but I know how it feels.


What for you has been the key to a lasting and loving relationship?

Scott: We have developed an open communication with each other which has been our biggest factor in having a lasting and living relationship. I miss him so much when we go for extended periods of not seeing each other. Communication is key. 

Philip:  Swallowing my pride, considering Scott's feelings, apologising when I've hurt him, and having a laugh has been the key to our loving and lasting relationship. So basically doing everything against my Taurean nature.


Amina, Jess, & Rosie

[Jess wears the Connect Dress in Beige, Rosie wears the Knot Singlet in Silver, Amina wears the Connect Dress in Coral]

Amina, Jess, & Rosie met as volunteers at an organisation here in Melbourne. Each working in different areas and all coming from different states, their friendship conception was far from immediate, building slowly over a long eighteen months or so and establishing a strong foundation over shared experiences and values. Cut to today, they’re closer than ever before and preparing for Amina to move overseas to work in Copenhagen…


How do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one(s)?

Amina: I’ve never celebrated it before, even when I’ve been in a relationship. But this year I’m just spending it with my best friends. We’ve all been through a big year where we’ve all leant on each other a lot, so it makes sense to spend a day like Valentine’s day together, as a kind of tribute to how much we’ve all supported each other. 

Jess: In the past year, the three of us have all been through quite significant break ups, and in that I think found the strength and reciprocity in friendship. I have certainly learnt the value of love in friendship and this Thursday am so looking forward to spending time in that with Rosie and Amina, I’m not sure what we’re doing, but it doesn’t really matter!

Rosie: This Thursday I'll be heading to the park to celebrate a friend's anniversary of beginning their gender-reconfirming transition, and then Amina, Jess and I are hoping to see a movie at Nova - probably with a wine or two. All very wholesome. 


What is your idea of the perfect date?

Amina: I really like mimosas.  

Jess: Sitting in the grass, under the sun, with a cute picnic. 

Rosie: Boozy, boujie brunch with my friends


How would you define love?

Amina: Each relationship is different, and each demonstration of love within that is also different. In that sense, I don’t really think it can be defined. But right now, I would say love is about being there for someone entirely, and built on mutual respect. At the same time, I guess it’s also acknowledging that it isn’t necessarily forever and can break down.

Jess: I love this question because I think your answer expands the more you experience. Right now, love for me is generosity, a lack of expectation, holding space for someone with empathy, a graceful honesty, encouragement, and the openness to accept love. 

Rosie: Not sure I am able to define love, but I believe love is infinite and can be felt and expressed in so many iterations at the same time. Just rooting for someone entirely and being there for them throughout it all


How do you show your love for each other outside of valentine's day?

Amina: It sounds small, but the ‘let me know when you get home safe’ text has always felt indicative of how we show our love to each other!

Jess: I think the three of us have built an incredible support network for each other; we encourage each other, we’re honest (and as challenging as it can be, this absolutely makes us stronger), we make space for each other to communicate, and keep it all balanced with fun.

Rosie: I think the three of us are really good at supporting one another, but also keeping ourselves accountable for our behaviour and actions. We try to stay honest with each other in our advice, but also back each other unconditionally.
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