Jenna Holmes, aka Plant Mama, the queen of the green

Jenna Holmes, aka Plant Mama, the queen of the green
Jenna is one plant loving women. I remember when I visited her home in Collingwood it was like walking into one of those apartments you only ever see in a magazine. It was full of the most beautiful, healthy and happy plants, which just made me super happy! Jenna is so full of life and I absolutely love that she has turned her passion of plants into a full time gig! Just like all my Monday Muse's, Jenna is no exception. she is super inspiring and her energy and drive make you want to be around her all the time, and a total bonus is that she creates some beautiful spaces filled with beautiful blooms! As always, I hope this week's chat inspires you! As always I hope this inspires you and is a great start to your week! 
Jenna in the Straight Pant that have now become the Mosey Pant
What is a Plant Designer and how did you end up doing what you do?
I build indoor plant jungles! I was a PE teacher for years and had this as a side hustle because there was a gap in the market and then it all just became full time functioning job. 
I would love to know what inspired you to become Plant Mama and why you have such a love for all things green and lush.
I just found that I became so much more relaxed and chilled when I was around nature or greenery. When I moved to Melbourne I think I was slightly overwhelmed by the busy nature of everything going on around me, and as I started to buy more plants and green my room up I just felt better. And i found out that a lot of people also feel like this. I think we don't realise the impact that nature can have on us until something is either added or taken away from a space. I get a lot of joy out of making works of living art for people to feel better around. 
Where did you come up with the name Plant Mama?
It was actually the name I put in an Instagram comment for a photo on my personal account and weeks later when I started the business I just went with that, my brother had mentioned that it was a good idea!
What is your favourite plant of all time and why?
Ferns! They are hard to manage but give back so much once you have mastered the watering needs :) 
I know running a small business can be hard, stressful, painful and extremely scary, but it can also be incredibly rewarding, exciting and fill you with such proud moments. Could you share some of these moments you have experience through your Plant Mama journey?  
I feel all these things all the time! The bad things would be the revolving door of admin, invoices and time management but the good things make all these things go away (momentarily)! I have amazing clients whom some have become good friends, I get to work on big and little exciting projects that are different, I get to manage my own time and do the things I want to do - when I want to do them. The pluses always outweigh the negatives!
What has been your favourite job to date and why?

Hmmmm I don't have any one favourite, I have favourite jobs for different reasons! The clients might be legends on one job, or the actual installation is like nothing I've done before, or the job was done in 48 hours and it looks great. So many different reasons to have favourites!
What is your waste pet peeve and what do you do to change it in your everyday?
Coffee cups! How do people not have keep-cups at this point? It's so easy to either carry one or take five minutes off and have the coffee instore. 
What advice would you have for someone who is wanting to create their own dream green space? What type of plants should they start with and what advice would you have for them to make sure they don’t live a short life?
Just do research as there is plenty of info out there and each space is different in terms of lighting and environment etc. Start with an easy-care, like a Monstera or a Devils Ivy. The biggest thing to look out for is watering, whether it is under or over watering. Put your pinky finger in the soil before watering to test out whether it is dry or not and if it's dry: then water. 
What’s the best piece of advice both of you have every received?
Always be responsible for the energy that you bring to every space.
I would love to know what your favourite piece from my new range is and where would you see yourself wearing it?
Absolutely the Mosey Pant, I'd be grooving away and watering my plants in those!
You can follow Jenna's wonderful adventures HERE and checkout her website HERE
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