Meet Shaniqua

September 03, 2019

Meet Shaniqua

I met Shaniqua last year when I was working on the Design Within Country 2018 Collection out in Djugerari, W.A 

After working with Shaniqua for our previous collection (RISE), it was only natural for me that Shaniqua be the face of FOLD. 



To introduce Shaniqua to the LH community, I wanted to get to know her and her story a little more, so we got her to answer some quick questions in between her MFW runways's. 
[Shaniqua wears: the Smooth Slip in Colourblock (drop 2) + the Fold Trousers in Sky Blue (drop 2)]
For how long have you been modelling & how did you get into it?
I’ve been Modelling for just over a year. I asked Jen Sharman at Marnin Studios in Fitzroy Crossing if I could model for Design Within Country and I have loved it from there.
What’s your favourite part of your job?
Meeting new people, travelling and experiencing new cultures especially the different types of fashion.
Tell us a little about where you’re from?
Darlngunaya is a small suburb outside of Fitzroy Crossing,WA with only about 50-60 people living there. There’s only houses there, you have to travel to Fitzroy Crossing for school, shops etc.
[Shaniqua wears the Fold Shirt in Black + the Fold Trousers in Beige (drop 2)]
What are your major inspirations and role models?
I get my inspiration from my gluggy (grandma) June Oscar. She is also my role model. And model Magnolia Maymuru.
What does honesty mean to you?
To me, honesty means the love I have for my family, community and country. I hope with my career I can inspire my community like how my gluggy (grandma) June inspires me.
Favourite piece from the collection?
The Smooth Slip in Colourblock! 
[Shaniqua wears the Smooth Dress in Colourblock (drop 2)]
If you could name one thing you’re hoping the fashion industry will understand/incorporate/invest going into 2020, what would it be:
I’d like to see more fashion labels engage with remote communities like Gorman have. It was really fun doing a photoshoot with them in my home town. 
(Shaniqua was the face of the Gorman x Mangkaja collection)
[Shaniqua wears the Fold Top in Black + the Fold Drop Skirt in Black]
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