How to own your trans-seasonal styling

How to own your trans-seasonal styling
With the blanket of winter chill starting to lift, we begin to get ready to say goodbye to the coats and scarves for another year. But now we find ourselves trying to dress for the weird in-between season, not quite cold, not quite warm. Safe to say, this no man's land can leave us feeling somewhat lacking in the wardrobe inspiration department. Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about creating versatile pieces that can be styled and worn all year 'round. Enter the Pillar Capsule Collection, the perfect trans-seasonal piece you didn't know you needed.
1. Lois Hazel Pillar Tank / Cream 2. Simétrie Thick Crescent Moon Bag / Olive, 3. Lois Hazel Roman Jacket / Black, 4. Nelson Made Iona Slide / Black, 5. Lois Hazel Roman Pant / Khaki


Layer, Layer, Layer

Trans-seasonal styling 101: layer! The easiest way to dress for a mish-mash of seasons is to wear easily removable layers. Think socks paired with slides, mules, and even (dare we say it) sandals! Chunky socks are the in-between season saviour. Perfect for chilly mornings, and then strip off as the day warms. The same can be said for stockings under skirts and dresses. You can't go wrong with The Apollonia Skirt or Pillar Skirt paired with deliciously soft woollen tights.

1. Post Sole Studio Beat Boot /Black, 2. Simétrie Universal Tote / Black, 3. Lois Hazel Cena Top / Taupe, 4. Lois Hazel Pillar Tank Dress / Cream, 5. Lois Hazel Roman Jacket / Khaki

High necks 

There's just something to be said about rocking a simple tank with a higher cut neckline. The high neck protects from the chill factor, while the exposed arms allow you to bask in the sunshine—layer with a classic cut coat for an elevated look. We love the Pillar Tank and Roman Jacket combo.

1. Lott Studio 417 Earring,  2. Simétrie Soft Crescent Moon Bag / Natural, 3. Lois Hazel Pillar Tank / Olive, 4. Radical Yes 'The Future" Lace Up, 5. Lois Hazel Pillar Skirt / Olive


Aim for comfort

At Lois Hazel, we are firm believes that looking good stems from feeling good. We're not into designing pieces that are difficult to move and breathe in; our pieces are designed to be lived in. Nothing says trans-seasonal more than a pair of relaxed trousers. With the ability to move and allow air to circulate whilst also shielding bare legs from the elements, it's a piece that really can be worn across all the seasons. Psst, the Pillar Tank and Roman Pant are a trans-seasonal match made in heaven!
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