Holiday at Home | Rosie Dalton

Holiday at Home | Rosie Dalton
To Celebrate our new collection, Holiday we’re asking people we admire to share how they have been ‘holidaying at home.’
We have asked them to share some of the things that are bringing them joy during this strange period and where they dream about going when they can travel again.
Introduce yourself! What should we know about who you are, what you do, and where we can find your work online?
My name is Rosie Dalton and I’m a freelance writer, based in Sydney. I work with publications and brands, specialising in conversations around mindful consumption. You can find me online @rosie_dalton and read some of my work through my content studio @onthecollar 
The past 18 months have been really tough. How have you managed your physical and mental wellbeing during this time? Any hot tips for us?
I have found meditation helpful in coping with the stress of the past 18 months, as well as spending some time in nature wherever possible. 
Our new collection is called ‘Holiday’. While we’re still largely at home, we would love to know how you’re ‘holidaying at home.’
I have been trying to slow down at home, just like I would on holidays. That means spending some time cooking, listening to a favourite record, and just giving myself permission to pause. I have also been really into Mubi lately and have been watching some French films on there, as a sort of visual vacation.
We’re also dreaming of actual holidaying again, both here and overseas. When we can holiday again where are you excited about going and why?
I am really excited to visit Paris again when we can, but closer to home, Broome has been on my list forever. 
What’s been your go to at-home self-care activity over the last few moths?
My husband and I love entertaining and cooking (especially fresh pasta), so we started a food community in the midst of lockdown last year. you can check it out online via  @off___carte and here is one of is our off carte pasta dough recipes 

We'd also Love to know what your favourite piece is from our new range and where you'd see yourself wearing it.
My favourite piece is the Goodlands Dress — an easy, elegant style that I can see myself wearing all summer long.
Thanks Rosie!
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