Holiday at home | Georgia Blackie

Holiday at home | Georgia Blackie
To Celebrate our new collection, Holiday we’re asking people we admire to share how they have been ‘holidaying at home.’
We have asked them to share some of the things that are bringing them joy during this strange period and where they dream about going when they can travel again.
Introduce yourself! What should we know about who you are, what you do, and where we can find your work online?
My name’s Georgia, I’m a Sydney-based photographer and content producer. My background is in fashion photography, but more recently I’ve been involved in books: collaborating with my dear friend, author Erin Lovell Verinder creating the imagery for best-selling book Plants for the People and new release The Plant Clinic.
You can find my work in Erin’s books, on her instagram @erinlovellverinder, and I’m @georgia.blackie on instagram. 
The past 18 months have been really tough. How have you managed your physical and mental wellbeing during this time? Any hot tips for us?
It really has, hasn’t it? In so many different ways for everyone, too. It took me many months to come to terms with being unable to plan out the near-future, but I did chill out about it and surrender to taking it all a day at a time.
 To avoid cabin-fever, I walk to a local park, kick off my shoes, and practice grounding. Sitting with my feet on the grass makes an enormous difference to my well-being while I wait to be allowed to run into the sea at lockdown’s end!  
Our new collection is called ‘Holiday’. While we’re still largely at home, we would love to know how you’re ‘holidaying at home.’
I’ve fully embraced a staycation life - it’s not something I’ve had much chance to enjoy before, and as a homebody at heart it’s been a lovely novelty. I’ve been growing plants from seeds, cooking - making breakfast and sitting down to eat it is a real hallmark of a holiday for me because I tend to race out the door to work, normally. I’m actually grateful for this time, I got lucky this lockdown, only having to work freelance from home.
We’re also dreaming of actual holidaying again, both here and overseas. When we can holiday again where are you excited about going and why?
Honestly, I’m not dreaming too big yet: a camping trip with a big group of friends, when it can happen, will be so wonderful. After such a long time apart communicating virtually, I look forward to a long weekend in nature with people I love and no phone signal!   
What’s been your go to at-home self-care activity over the last few moths?
Back in July my friend Jasmine of @ anamundistudio shared her recipe for gluten-free pancakes with an incredibly good texture and I am obsessed. This is how I’ve been making them:
 Punchy Little Pancakes
1 banana
3 eggs
½ cup of rolled oats
1 tablespoon of hemp seeds
Up to 1 teaspoon ground turmeric
½ teaspoon each of ground cardamom and cinnamon
Zap for 30 seconds in a nutribullet or food processor
Then fry - I’ve made these with coconut oil and butter, and prefer the coconut oil.
They taste incredible with maple syrup, yuzu juice, and nut butter. And of course fruit!
We'd also Love to know what your favourite piece is from our new range and where you'd see yourself wearing it.
My favourite piece is the Miranda singlet - I'm really interested in garments that can be worn multiple ways and that have built-in "multi-sizeability"! The cut of the scoop is perfect, it's an interesting and flattering shape (I also appreciate a singlet with a wide strap, as someone who's always wearing a bra, if you know what I mean). Love the ties at the back, to wear it according to preference. I can see myself wearing this over black shorts on a hot day, tied loose to let the breeze in :)
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