Breaking down the cost of the Scrunch Tee

Breaking down the cost of the Scrunch Tee

It's Fashion Revolution week this week, a week where consumers are encouraged to ask brands who made their clothes in an effort to hold brands accountable, and demonstrate more transparency in their supply chains.  

Fashion Revolution week also coincides with the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1,138 people (most of which were garment factory workers) and injured many more back in April, 2014.

The Fashion Revolution campaign started in response to this tragedy, in an attempt to create a cleaner, safer, fairer, more transparent and accountable fashion industry - something that we strongly believe in. 

At Lois Hazel, we don't support the exploitation of people, and believe everyone in our supply chain deserves and has the right to a fair wage, clean working environment and the ability to earn a living that gives them a quality way of life.

So, every season we are committed to sharing with you the cost break down of one of our pieces. By doing this we hope to help you understand the complex nature of pricing a garment and all the different elements involved. Breaking down the garment's cost also uncovers just how many businesses a garment supports. When purchasing a piece from Lois Hazel either via our online store or at one of our many stockists, you are not just supporting us, but also allowing us to support other businesses.


Pricing a garment can be extremely difficult; you have to make sure you are able to cover both your direct costs and your indirect ones, the ones that are often overlooked but always there. Rent, employee wages, marketing, just to name a few. Not to mention retailing it at a price that your customers can not only justify but also afford.


This season we have broken down the cost of our beautiful Scrunch Tee, in our effort to be transparent and share a little bit more about who made your clothes.


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