Behind the print with Eliza O'Sullivan

Behind the print with Eliza O'Sullivan

Meet Eliza O'Sullivan; Founder of Mosey Me, Textile Designer, friend of LH and most recently, a Mother. Eliza is the wonderful woman behind our new Paradise Print and we had a delightful chat to her about her work, prints, and process as well as motherhood.

This isn’t the first time we’ve spoken to you, but if you could introduce yourself for those who might not know you that would be wonderful. Who are you? What do you do and how did you end up doing it?

My name is Eliza, I'm a Textile Designer and founder of homewares label Mosey Me. I've been a textile designer for 12 years now and have been running my business for 5. 

This isn’t our first or last collaboration we’ve worked on together. Last time we released a small range of pieces that were hand painted by you, and now we’ve featured one of your gorgeous prints digitally printed onto silk. Despite two very different techniques we love that they both have your handwriting all over them. Could you talk us through your process of creating prints, in particularly the process in creating the Paradise print?

Sure! This print came out of development I was working on for bedding prints in my winter 21 collection. I wanted something oversize and angular yet soft at the same time. I started painting very loose foliage in black ink trying to keep all aspects of the process relaxed so I could achieve some really nice shapes. After painting pages of flowers and leaves I walked away and came back to it with fresh eyes. A particular motif stood out to me which I scanned into the computer and played around with it. After a little cleaning up this one motif became the base of our Abstract print for winter 21 and for you the Paradise Print!

I remember when you first showed me the Paradise Print, I loved the abstract nature of it. It’s boldness as well as its playfulness really spoke to me. It isn’t an exclusive LH print, in fact you hadn’t planned for it to feature on clothes as you had designed it for your gorgeous home wears. How does it feel to see your prints exhibited on the body vs homewares? 

Over my career I've worked across both home and apparel so designing prints for apparel feels quite natural. However I do love seeing a Mosey print work so nicely in both the home and apparel space. Sometimes you can get a great print that just works both ways, not every print can successfully do this however in my opinion this one does just that.

Since our last collaboration there have been a few changes in your life, the biggest of all becoming a mum to your beautiful Miss Peach Moon! How has becoming a mum influenced your style? 

HA What style?! I feel like I'm still in a sea of elasticated pants and easy access tops. To be honest I feel like I still want to dress the same just with a slight nod to practicality more, not that I was ever a non practical dresser but I spend a lot of time on the floor these days so I just have to take things like that into account. I'm excited for warmer weather as dresses are always my goto and it's easy to feel fab in a great dress and its much less effort! 

What advice would you have for new mums wanting to pursue a creative venture? What did you wish someone had told you?

I think one of the first things you learn as a mum is time is not usually on your side for things outside of baby. It's a big adjustment to make when you realise time is no longer yours. Running a business or being creative outside of being a mum is possible but it's just a slow pace and it is forever changing so you have to be flexible and patient. I know the routine i'm in at the moment only lasts for about 2 weeks then peach changes everything up again. I feel as though i'm forever evolving how i can do things which takes a lot of work and a lot of talking it through with friends and my partner. It definitely takes a village if you want to work alongside it all! 

Not only have you had to navigate motherhood but also navigate life through a global pandemic. How did you manage your physical and mental wellbeing during this time? Did you find yourself introducing any practices that are now part of your daily routine?

Ha there is no time to implement anything other than the basics in my world at the moment. I'm happy with a shower and a coffee alone but that is a rarity!  Yes navigating motherhood is a bit of a forever journey but my introduction to it has definitely been interesting due to the pandemic i think leaning on family and friends has been integral and having a very supportive partner and 2 very keen grandmas has made a huge difference.

Our new Collection, Holiday, is inspired by getting away. After such a strange year that was 2020 and 2021, I often found myself dreaming about the Amalfi Coast, a paradise escape and days spent by beaches around the world. Now that things are starting to open again where are you hoping to ‘holiday’ and explore? 

We are super keen to get to Japan as a family when we can but for now we will be enjoying all regional Vic has to offer 

Lastly, I’d love to know what your favourite pieces are from our new range, and where can you see yourself wearing them?

My favourite piece has to be the Goodlands Dress in the Paradise print of course! I see myself wearing it on a quintessential Melbourne evening, drinks and dinner with friends under the city lights and of course on Christmas day. I'm also always a fan of your jersey they are the perfect wardrobe staples. Both the Olive Pillar Dress and Pillar Pant got me through pregnancy and i'm still wearing them pretty much every second day postpartum. 

You can discover Eliza's beautiful home wears over on her website HERE and we highly recommend checking her out over on Instagram HERE

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