At home with Shakirra Rees

At home with Shakirra Rees

Shakirra Rees is a Melbourne based creative who has a passion for sustainable fashion. She works experimenting with styling, film, photography, fashion illustration and video. She recently got creative at her beautiful Brunswick home with a few of her favourite pieces from Scrunch. We are so excited to share a few of her final works below as well as a little interview we did with her earlier this week. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself - who are you and what do you do?

Hello! My name is Shakirra Rees and I am a creative who is passionate about sustainable fashion. I work with sustainable fashion labels experimenting with styling, film photography, fashion illustration and video.

I am originally from the Central Coast in NSW but just recently moved to Melbourne to pursue more creative work and gain more experience in sustainable fashion. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Fashion Design at Billy Blue. 

I’d love to know more about your creative process - how you go about starting a new project?

I’m kind of still figuring out who I am as a creative, so I don't have a well-defined process yet. I guess I just start - I may get inspired by some images and artists that I like, but generally I just jump into it without thinking too much. I am definitely trying to find my way of creating still! 

Where do you draw inspiration from? Are there any individuals who inspire you creatively? 

I draw inspiration from many places, such as books, my favourite artists, nature, furniture design and more. An artist that inspires me a lot is Del Kathryn Barton, but just recently being surrounded by my new housemate is super inspiring and motivating— Tilly (Tilda Jewels) has inspired me a lot lately as we both have the same style. We bounce our ideas and passions about design and sustainability off each other a lot!  

We are loving your mixed media pieces, including those you've created for Lois Hazel? How did you get into mixed media, and what draws you to this medium?

I have always loved photography and illustration. I loved studying fashion illustration at college, we had to do a lot of different types of illustrating like incorporating collage and it kind of just flowed on from there: designing portfolios for assignments, mixing magazine cut outs and then illustrating on top of that. I love the feel and texture it brings to a photograph.

 You are also very interested in sustainable fashion. Why do you think it is so important for people to really think about their fashion foot print? Were you always aware of your impact when it came to fashion or experience that shaped the way you think about fashion today? 

I think it’s important to be aware of our footprint in general in all aspects of our daily lives; every little bit counts. When it comes to fashion, it’s important to know what you are wearing, and how it affects our planet! Every little detail from where it’s made, to what it’s made out of can have huge impacts if you are unaware, or ignorant to what you are consuming. I wasn’t always super aware of the impact of my wardrobe, but as I started diving into my creative path with hand embroidery a few years back I knew supporting small was important, and then I had a moment where it clicked and I said I’m not buying anymore fast fashion. I’ve always had a passion for finding second hand gems, and sustainable fashion was hiding somewhere in the back of my mind! 

 You have quite a stylish eye, not only for fashion but also for interiors. I’d love to know more about how you have created your space? 

Thank you! My housemates and I are super lucky to have found this lovely home here in Brunswick East, and I'm super proud to say that we have curated it with 100% second hand furniture! It's almost where we want it to be. I just love collecting mid-century modern pieces; I scan Facebook market place almost every day. There’s always a one off, cheap gem that I find on there that I just can’t go past. I have always wanted my space to feel super warm, and modern but kind of artsy at the same time, with all my favourite furniture pieces, illustrations stuck with sticky tape to the wall, piled up books, candles etc. I think my bedroom is almost like that! I love it so much. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I always find this question so hard! These are the key words that come to mind: minimalistic, timeless, comfortable! 

A lot of the pieces you own you have sourced second hand or vintage, have you always loved shopping this way? What do you love about second hand shopping? 

Yes! When i was younger my grandma would always take me op shopping. I’d always help my grandma find a steal, and she would shout me my big pile of op shop clothes and get her discounts from her stamps on her vinnies card. I find op shopping so therapeutic; I get in the zone, I have to go down every aisle until I feel satisfied. There’s nothing better than looking super great, and the whole outfit is vintage!

When sourcing fashion or furniture pieces to add to your collection, what do you look for?

For fashion, I always love a great pair of straight legged pants. You will probably always see me in straight pants that are super flattering! I love a nice oversized button up to go over your straight pants (Tip - always look in the men’s section at the op shop for great shirts).

For furniture, I simply type in mid-century modern to Facebook market place — There’s always a weird chair, or cool lamp that will pop up! 

Id’ love to know a few of your favourite picks from our current range and why you love them? 

I love the toffee straight pant! The colour is gorgoues, and I am a pants person.

I also love the Scrunch Trench in black - it’s perfect for Melbourne winter!

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