At home with Roslyn + Camille

At home with Roslyn + Camille

We caught up with Camille and Roslyn, owners of the beautiful Collingwood home we recently shot our RESORT campaign in. They shared a brief history of their home, their favourite artworks, what inspires them and more.

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me introduce you both to my community. I’d love for you to tell me a bit more about yourselves, who you both are? What you do and what takes up most of your day to day?

  Camille: I’m a beading artist. I work in the studio at the front of the house, and my art focuses on the relationship between language and aesthetics. I’m currently working on my largest beading to-date, which will involve weaving together 40,000 tiny gold seed beads.

Roslyn: I’m a writer and artist interested in technology and language. I usually work from our desk at the window upstairs or down in the study on rainy days. I’m currently making a body of work about Echo, the cursed nymph from Ancient Greek mythology, and the advent of smart speakers.  

Camille: Every day is different, though each morning we take it in turns to make coffee. We drink it propped up in bed and talk about what we’re going to do that day.

Roslyn: My days are a rotation of working on various art projects, either at home or in theatres and dance studios when collaborating with friends. I do a lot of gardening, cooking and reading, and have started getting back into the swing of seeing friends’ gallery exhibitions and performances.

  Camille: I am usually in the studio, researching or making my works. A friend or two will often pop in during the day for a chat, and I’ll spend some time in the garden. On days when the creative energy just isn’t flowing, I’ll go for a swim at the river or go out for a drink with a friend.

Roslyn: Our home is also a meeting place for friends and artists. We have two artist studios upstairs, and hold residencies, exhibitions and gatherings throughout the year.  

Left: Camille wears the Santorini Skirt with RU by her side. / Right: Picture of Camille's incredible bead work

Also, thank you for letting me shoot in your incredible Collingwood home for my Resort Campaign. You have honestly created such a special and beautiful space. I’d love to know the history behind your home. When was it built? Who lived there before and how did you both end up living there?  

Camille: Our home is a Victorian-era shopfront terrace, built in 1891. It was originally a butcher, and later it was one of Melbourne’s first chemists run by a woman. It was unusual at the time for a woman to own property on her own. My uncle and his partner and their son lived here for 15 years. They designed it and transformed it. We are now lucky enough to own it together – I have lived here for six years and Roslyn moved in last year.

I remember arriving for the shoot and the minute I walked in I felt I had been transported away to somewhere in Europe. You really have created this beautiful sanctuary in the middle of inner Melbourne. What tips would you have for others wanting to create such a space?

Camille: The house feels like a person that we happen to live in.

Roslyn: It has a very alive energy. One thing that makes it special is that Camille’s uncle made almost all the furniture and household finishes by hand. He made everything from the bookcases to the kitchen shelves, the fireplace settings to the shutters on the windows. He made the dining table, the wardrobes, the cabinets and the desks.

Camille: Things appear old but they aren’t really, they have just been made using traditional techniques. There aren’t many bespoke furniture makers these days who love a challenge and don’t care for efficiency. The things in here took a long time to make. I feel connected to a space when I know it has been made by someone, not mass produced.  

Roslyn: It’s also filled with heirlooms from both of our families. I grew up with an English/History teacher and theatre director/playwright for parents, and Camille grew up with a furniture maker and scientific artist. The house is really a reflection of the people and ideas we have been surrounded by throughout our lives.

Camille: My uncle and his partner are design visionaries first, and the practicalities come afterwards. I think that’s an important approach to designing and styling a space, as it gives you more freedom of imagination.

Roslyn: In terms of styling, the house is never ‘finished’. Camille is always moving the furniture around to try out new configurations. Sometimes I’ll come home and everything is back-to-front!

Image: Camille and Roslyn's incredible book filled study. 

There were so many incredible pieces of art placed around your home. Do either of you have any favourite pieces of art, If yes, I’d love to know more about them.

  Roslyn: We have a little painting by our friend and talented artist Gian Manik that I love. It’s an oil painting of the teacher from the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock, but it’s more like a sketch. Her face is mysterious and the blue outlines of her hat and shoulders give it a ghost-like quality.  

Camille: My mum is a scientific artist and we have some of her paintings in the house. My favourite is a watercolour illustration of a pilchard fish. It reminds me of growing up with all sorts of creatures in the house. At one point we had an eel living in our bathtub so she could draw it.  

Top left: illustration of a pilchard fish / Bottom Left: Painting by Gian Manik / Right: Roslyn on her bed in the Santorini Shirt

One piece that really stood out to me was an incredible tapestry hanging in your bedroom. What’s the story behind it?

Roslyn: This rug was handwoven in India in the ‘90s with Argentinian wool. It was the first thing we bought together for the house. I love it because, like many of the items in our home, it was made with traditional techniques, but the muted primary colours and geometric shapes give it a contemporary feel.

Image: The gorgeous Argentinian Wool rug hanging in their bedroom 

Each room has such an individual character, from your beautiful blue bathroom to your light filled dining room and your gorgeous Italian Kitchen. Do either of you have a favourite room in your house? What makes you love it?  

Camille: I love our kitchen. It feels like the heart of the house. We’ve had so many candle-lit dinners with friends and good conversation at the long table there. 

Roslyn: My favourite room is the garden. We’ve currently got tomatoes, cucumber, beans, silverbeet, kale, lettuce, spring onions, apples, pears, figs, passionfruit, as well lots of herbs and flowers. My Yiayia is the best gardener I know, and when I’m out in the dirt I feel really connected to her, and to my Greek/Cypriot upbringing.

Left: Roslyn in their courtyard with Ru wearing the Santorini Shirt / Left: Camille outside in her garden wearing the Santorini Skirt

You are both creatives, do you feel like your creative energies have influenced how you have styled your home? Are there elements that you feel are more one person than the other? How did you balance this? 

Camille: The house is a collective expression of my family, as well as of myself and Roslyn. It really shows a commitment to technique and craftsmanship. Our creative energies are definitely present throughout – Roslyn has brought more contemporary art into the home, whereas I’m drawn to early modernist works. We are both very good at accommodating each other’s styles though!

Roslyn: It’s inspiring to be surrounded by books and artworks, to be constantly reminded that so many different types of knowledge exist. I think this environment gives depth to my work. In return, the way we think about our home reflects the people and places we encounter in our creative and personal lives.  

Image: Camille and Roslyns' incredible handmade kitchen. 

My Resort range was inspired by an extended Holiday. I found myself dreaming of sandy shores, Grecian whitewashed dome buildings and sailing on the French Riviera. Where have you both found yourself daydreaming lately? 

Roslyn: I have been dreaming of traveling to Tunisia. I want to see Carthage, the ancient Phoenician city, and to travel along the North African coast of the Mediterranean towards Alexandria, which was the intellectual and cultural centre of the ancient Mediterranean during the Hellenistic period. These places share a lot of history with Greece and Cyprus, which is where my family is from.

Camille: I’d love to go to Japan, because I want to see where the materials that I use in my work are made. Japan has an incredible weaving culture, and a history of artisanal craftsmanship, which I would love to learn more from.

Left: Roslyn in their bedroom wearing the Santorini Shirt with Ru sleeping at her feet / Right:  Another image of Camille's beautiful bead work. 

I’d love to know your favourite pieces from my new range and how you see yourself wearing them in your everyday life.

  Roslyn: The Santorini Shirt is so unique, it’s a very special garment! It’s a piece I will wear out to summer gatherings with friends when I want to both keep cool and look stylish, which is surprisingly hard to do.

Camille: The Santorini Skirt is my pick. I like how the breeze tickles the fringe at my ankles, perfect for long summer lunches outside.

You can follow along Camille's journey on Instagram HERE and Roslyn's journey on Instagram HERE

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